our love story

I do love a good love story; and ours is one that is especially unique ūüėČ

It all began with a wedding…

Kendrick and I met in July 2012, a couple months after I graduated college. My best friend from high school got married to his brother; I was the Maid of Honor, he was the Best Man…and it¬†seemed like the perfect love story. Except…he was living in California and I was 3,000 miles away in Pennsylvania.


Photo credit: Kivalo Photography 

I took the biggest risk of my life (I was only 23 years old!) and decided to move to California in February 2013. ¬†Lots of people thought I was crazy chasing a guy I barely knew across the country…but, what can I say? We were (and still are) crazy about each other. We got engaged that July, only a year after meeting each other.

We said “I do” with our closest family and friends, on a beautiful spring day in Mountain View, California.

Photo credit: Bri Cibene Photography

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Photo credit: Bri Cibene Photography . To read more about our wedding day, click here.

We both work as personal trainers at our Studio, (Studio K-Fit) located in Redwood City, CA.


Many people tell us, “I could never work with my spouse!” And we certainly agree that it isn’t for everyone. But, for us, it works. It’s so exciting to brainstorm and share ideas, to grow our business together. You can find him online at Kendrick Fitness.