4 Minutes to Flat Abs

4 minutes to flat abs


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Today I’m bringing you a quick, 4-minute ab circuit that you can do at home! In our K-Fit Experience class, I create a new ab workout each week that has been dubbed, “Angie’s Abs” because I always like to throw in an element of surprise.

In class, we perform our ab circuit after completing 4 rounds of vigorous cardio (rowing) and strength training. There can be a misconception that working your abs everyday will make them flat…however, the SECRET to flat abs is cardio + clean nutrition. In order for that six-pack to emerge, you have to burn through the fat layer…which can only be done by spiking up your heart-rate (think running, rowing, or cycling).

Let’s get to it…

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds each. Complete 2 rounds. For best results, try to do the circuit 3 times weekly after your favorite cardio.

#1: Crossover Reach

#2: Butt Lift 

Butt Lift

#3: Reach and Tuck 

#4: Oblique Dips


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