Baby K-Fit: The First Trimester

Hello friends!

I’m sorry I’ve been so behind on my blog. Between our move at the end of May, unpacking and decorating the house, and growing a baby; I haven’t been able to keep up with it all! I’m now 16 weeks along, and I’m happy to report things are going tremendously well. I honestly don’t feel much different from before I was pregnant, except for the little bump that’s formed, and the fact that I can no longer zip up my pants. Before I get ahead of myself, I want to update you on the first trimester happenings.

Week 4- April 5, we find out we’re pregnant!

Week 5- Symptoms:

  • Increased appetite
  • Lower back pain when I wake up
  • Breast tenderness
  • Vivid dreams

Week 6-

  • No nausea
  • Told my sister Alishia we’re pregnant!
  • Wrote the first letter to my baby

Week 7-

  • Baby is the size of a blueberry
  • Baby’s mouth and tongue are forming
  • No nausea
  • Some constipation
  • Sick (but with a cold-stuffy nose, sore throat)
  • No food aversions

Week 8-

  • Baby is the size of a raspberry
  • Baby’s heart is beating 150 times a minute (twice as fast as mine!)
  • No nausea
  • Hungry …A LOT
  • Constipated
  • Boobs are growing
  • Had our first ultrasound appointment and got to hear the baby’s heartbeat!
  • Took our first bump picture

Week 8 was such a special week for us! After finding out we were pregnant, I was SO excited for our first appointment and couldn’t wait for week 8 to roll around. However, as we got closer, I started to get more and more nervous. Would we hear the heartbeat? I literally had stomach pains and couldn’t eat the day of our appointment. I also had no idea what to expect so that was part of my nerves. My OB-GYN was so sweet though. She was friendly and talkative and Kendrick even recognized her (we still have to figure out from where). Finally the time had come…and I looked up at the screen and waited to hear her say something. “The baby looks great,” she said…and as soon as I heard that, I was instantly at ease. Then she said “I’m just trying to get a good picture for you.” Miraculously she pointed out the head, and the bottom,  and the little arms and legs starting to form. I couldn’t believe how clearly it looked like a baby…even at 8 weeks! It is truly incredible. Then we heard a sound on the monitor…the baby’s heartbeat! Kendrick had been holding back tears, it was such a special moment. I couldn’t believe that we did it; we made this baby and he or she is growing inside me!




Week 9-

  • Baby is the size of a green olive
  • Baby has ended embryonic stage and is now a fetus
  • Flew home to Pennsylvania for Mother’s Day to surprise my mom and told my parents that I’m pregnant! It was so special to be able to tell them in person and I had actually booked my flight home before even knowing that I was pregnant! It couldn’t have been better timing

How I told my parents:

The day after I flew in, my mom saw a box of flowers on the front porch so I brought them in and they had my name on it. I had a suspicion they were from Kendrick- so I started to get nervous that my mom was going to find out. I brought the box inside and she asked “Who are they from?” and I said I don’t know…probably Kendrick. She asked why Kendrick would be sending me flowers. I put the box on the table and opened the envelope with the note inside. Sure enough they were from Kendrick and the note said:


I turned the note over and told my mom not to look at it. I told her to get my dad and I quick ran upstairs to get the onesie I had made for them. I told them to close their eyes and hold onto a sleeve of the onesie. My mom was so excited and on the verge of tears. They opened their eyes and she screamed…she started crying and then I got tears in my eyes. We all hugged and cried and just soaked up what this moment meant.


Link for the onesie here.




Dress is Urban Outfitters; Shoes are Toms.

Week 10-

  • Baby is the size of a prune
  • Baby’s stomach and kidneys are working, producing digestive juices and urine
  • Finally…the word is out! We told all our family and friends this past week
  • Eating eggs everyday, lots of meat and english muffins
  • Still having strange dreams



Week 11-

  • Baby is the size of a lime
  • Baby’s hands and feet have individual fingers and toes
  • Kendrick and I celebrated our two year anniversary 🙂
  • We signed a lease for a 2-bedroom apartment



Week 12-

  • Baby is the size of a large plum
  • Baby has more than doubled in size during the past 3 weeks
  • Baby’s pituitary gland has started producing hormones that will enable him or her to make babies of their own…crazy!
  • Had my first trimester blood tests done
  • Kendrick and I moved to our new place!


Can’t believe how fast the first trimester went! Thanks so much for reading and following along during our journey.

Much love ❤

Angie & Baby

10 Things We Loved About Our 650 sq ft Apartment

This past weekend Kendrick and I packed up and said goodbye to our little apartment we lived in for the past 3 years. During those years I’ve done my fair share of complaining about what it lacked, and poor Kendrick would have to listen to me go on and on about why we were paying so much for such a “crappy” apartment.  Kendrick and I have learned to adopt a new way of thinking when it comes to our living conditions here. We realize that this is a very expensive area to live, but it also is an area of incredible opportunity. Even though we do not own our house, we do have a roof over our head. We have enough money for food, travel, and entertainment. We don’t live in a huge home, but we have sunshine about 325 days a year. We are 30 minutes south of San Francisco, and can be in Napa Valley in less than 2 hours, Lake Tahoe in 3 hours, Los Angeles in 5 hours,  and have endless hiking trails right here within a 10-mile radius.

Long story short, we are VERY blessed. Our last night in our apartment, I was feeling pretty emotional and it was hitting me how good we had it; and that I had really grown to appreciate our little “cave” as we called it. Instead of finding things that I didn’t like about it, I made a list of things that we did like. I wrote the list as a letter addressed to our baby  so that one day he or she can read it and know how thankful we were for our little home.


Well Baby,

This is our last night. Daddy and I have lived in this apartment almost 3 years and now it’s time to move to a bigger place to make room for you! Change is always uncomfortable and although we’ve done our fair share of complaining about our little apartment it really has been good to us.

Here are some positive things/things we are going to miss:

  1. The big Oak tree outside our bedroom and kitchen windows. Even though we didn’t have any outdoor space we loved looking at that tree instead of a parking lot. We shared many Sunday breakfasts with that view and I will truly miss it.
  2. Our apartment housed my little sister Lizzy for a summer and my middle sister  Alishia for 3 months (after she moved from Pennsylvania). Alishia slept on our couch and Lizzy on an air mattress. Lizzy toughed it out with no A/C for a whole summer! Luckily, when Alishia moved in we had purchased an A/C unit so she didn’t have it quite as rough 😉
  3. The peace and quiet. We got really lucky with our neighbors. We didn’t have any issues whatsoever. The woman on our left was super quiet and lived alone. And there were a couple tenants that cycled through the unit on the right. We didn’t have anyone above us which was great and unfortunately in our new place we do, so that will be something to get used to.
  4. Having a Dishwasher. That was a great plus!
  5. Other than a mold issue in our bathroom, we didn’t have any other substantial issues.
  6. Having  a ceiling fan in our bedroom.
  7. Having a large storage unit for our bikes- luckily we didn’t have to keep them in our apartment! (Yes, I have friends who have had to do that.)
  8. We were less than 2 miles from our Studio, can’t beat that! (*Ironically we moved right up the street, so we still have the same commute!)
  9. We had exactly enough space for what we needed. We learned to love living small and only keep what we needed. It helped us to appreciate the things we did have instead of focusing on buying stuff we didn’t need.
  10. We were in  a safe neighborhood with quaint tree lined streets and nearby parks.
  11. **Shh don’t tell anyone about this but we were within walking distance of a doughnut shop. This treat was only reserved for Sundays, the Lord’s day. (Because of course God loves doughnuts.)

As I mentioned, we actually found a great new apartment on the same exact street!! Talk about luck! Even though we no longer have a big Oak tree outside our apartment, or a ceiling fan in our bedroom; we are still close to the Studio, the doughnut shop, and a neighborhood park we can walk to with the baby.

It’s funny how God works in mysterious ways. Back in January, when I was home visiting my parents, I told my mom how Kendrick and I wanted to start a family but that I was worried because we were living in a 1-bedroom apartment. I told her I knew that it would never be perfect timing, and that we just had to trust that God would provide for us.

Here we are 5 months later and I’m seeing it all unfold. He knew what we would need before even we did.

Here’s a photo I took the last morning:

view bedroom

View from our Bedroom window

One of the positive things about our new place is our outdoor space! Being Brazilian, my husband grew up eating lots of churrasco (grilled meat). We finally were able to buy a grill and made our first meal on Sunday night!

kendrick grill


Special thank you to my sister who helped us with the move, I don’t know what we would have done without you!