Why My Mom Is My Hero


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In honor of Mother’s Day…I want to write about the best mother of all time – my mom.

The last time I got to see my mom was in January during the holidays. She lives in Pennsylvania with my dad, and so we usually only see each other twice, or if we’re lucky, three times a year. These visits are often short, less than a week, and they always go by too fast.

Growing up my mom was my teacher, literally! My sister and I were home-schooled until I was in 3rd grade and she was in 2nd grade.  We usually got our school work done by lunch, and then we were able to have “recess” in the backyard! My mom also ran a daycare out of our home. I never realized it at the time, I just thought all the neighborhood kids came over to have play-dates with us.

There were times though when I didn’t like being home-schooled. Particularly as I got older and realized that all the other kids got to walk to school…yes, I complained about not being able to walk to school. And so, my precious mother would zip up my backpack, lace up my shoes, and take my sister and I for a walk to the school. Of course, when we got there we would turn around; but I always wondered what the kids inside were doing.

When I was 8 years old, I finally got to go to school for the first time! My parents moved us to Pennsylvania the summer before I started 3rd grade.  I still remember my first day of school. I was wearing a lime green jumper and a pair of Sketchers. I don’t look very happy in the photos, probably because I was so nervous and had no idea what to expect. I remember sitting in the cafeteria and thinking, “Oh, so this is where the kids eat lunch.” It was all so new to me.

Anyway, back to my mom, whom this is all about. My mom and I had a great relationship through the rest of my grade school years. We never fought…even when I was a teenager. I’m sure there were times when I got mad at her, but I can honestly never remember having a screaming match or anything with her. It’s just not like me. She and I are very alike in our personalities; I think that’s what makes us get along so well.

My mom has always been a woman of faith, and has trusted in the Lord through every phase of life. She always stands up for what she believes in, which makes me admire her that much more. She loves to run, and can easily beat me in any long-distance race.

She embodies health and well-being for me in such a positive way and continues to defy age and use the gifts God has given her in extraordinary ways…like running half-marathons!

She turns 50 this August, and will be visiting us in California during that time. She signed up to run the Water to Wine 10K in Napa, and being the faithful servant that she is, God has pressed on her heart to raise money for the non-profit: Christmas Box International. They serve children who are victims of abuse and neglect; and their assistance ranges from providing resources such as food, clothing, and other supplies; to safe houses for those who have been neglected and abused; as well as mentoring relationships for those moving from the children’s to the youth programs. Her goal is to raise $2,500 by race day in August. If you would like to donate, please visit my mom’s fundraiser page here.


My mom will be receiving a surprise this Mother’s Day…

Guess what Mom???!

I’m coming HOME!!! 

I’ve been planning this trip for a couple months now, and it has been SO hard to keep it from her! I couldn’t stand the thought of not seeing her until August, so I booked a long weekend home.

I am planning to share the news via FaceTime during her lunch break today; I can’t wait!!


Here’s a poem I uncovered back when I was home in January and going through my Memory Box. I can’t remember when I wrote it, I think it was in middle school but apparently I didn’t know how to spell “role-model”, haha.

mom poem

me and mom 1

I want to wish all of you moms a very happy Mother’s Day…we wouldn’t be here without you!


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